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Find out how you can improve your profitability! Our online benchmarking system shows your latest performance indicators compared to the market average. A Speedometer dashboard helps you determining next actions.

For whom?
- Managers who want to benchmark the performance of their collision repair shop to the market average
- Managers who want to direct their collision repair shop to optimal performance by monitoring results with the help of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

What will e-Benchmarking bring to you?
- Instant online reports of your KPI’s compared to real world benchmarks
- Ability to view your data in multiple formats
- Benchmarks that are updated constantly
- Privacy and protection of your financial data. Only you can see your numbers
- Ability to compare multiple shops (same owner)
- Ability to compare multiple groups
- Simple speedometer dashboard allows you to quickly determine whether you are above, at or below a benchmark
- Ability to set the time period you wish to view – want to see last month?; last quarter?; last year?; no problem!

Brief description of e-Benchmarking
The Sikkens e-Benchmarking system is an online business analysis tool specially developed for the automotive collision repair market. It is an easy to use system which provides Sikkens Key Accounts with real time financial and operational benchmarking and customized reporting solutions. Members are assigned to one or more reporting levels which contain specific Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

Users of the e-Benchmarking system will have flexibility in data views and comparison groups with access to online consultation and ways to improve via a secure internet transaction. Speedometers provide a snapshot overview of good, average and poor performance areas.

This service helps to proactively address areas of opportunity in virtually every area of a collision facility so that solutions can be implemented and profitability can be maximized.
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